Telecoms World - Outstanding Offers

When it comes to telecoms and being self employed there are no companies that really understand your needs at a price that suits your budget.

Not only will our Self Employed Network communications save you money, we provide you access to the only communications portal that is designed to benefit the sole trader to small businesses.

We offer a whole host of services to suit your business and budget.

Inbound Numbers

It is important to use the right type of number for your business. From freephone 0800 numbers to increase sales, to high rebate 0871 numbers offering 8ppm with every call. We hold a catalogue of over 3 million available 08/03/01/02 numbers.

Inbound Solutions

We go out of our way to provide market leading call management services that are both competitive on price and deliver on their promise. Over the past decade we have championed hosted telecoms and worked with some of the UK's largest organisations.

Phone Systems

We offer a range of VoIP Packages to suit any size of business, from start ups to established SME's. We can also include free phones, inclusive minutes and all our plans come with free connection. Our system is truly tailored around your requirements.

Business Only Connectivity

We handle connectivity solutions for clients across the UK, with varying installations based on the demands of the business. We typically run ADSL circuits for resilience to a fibre leaded line connection, with further options to promote multi-site networks.

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