7% Discount on Shopping

Savings of over £900 per year

Member Benefits is an online discount management portal and reloadable card that offers members the opportunity to make huge savings through an exclusive discount scheme.

Companies can improve customer loyalty or engagement amongst a membership base with this easy to understand and enticing benefit, without incurring huge costs or taking on a large additional administrative burden.

Activity Typical Spend Annual Spend Discount Saving Total Savings
Main Supermarket Shop £100 per week £5200 3%* £156
Secondry Shop
(at Iceland or M&S)
£40 twice per month £960 7% £62.70
High Street Shopping  £250 per month £3000   7% £210 
Holidays 1 Foreign holiday @ £3000 £3000   7% £210 
Days Out  £120 per month £1440   20%** £288 

Please note that the figures above have been calculated based on the average spend of a family of 4.
Actual savings will vary dependent on the individual’s spending patterns.
* Discounts on the cost of reloadable store gift card loads ** Discounts up to 20% on the cost of single use gift cards


Whats Included






Online Retailers




Member Offer

We’ve tapped into our extensive retailer network and used our superior buying power to create a compelling suite of discounts for scheme members. Now companies can enhance their value proposition with all of this at minimum cost…

High Street Enjoy a 7% discount on the amount loaded onto a Member Benefits Card at over 60 leading high street retailers.
Supermarket Order a re-loadable Tesco or Sainsbury’s gift card with an on-going 3%discount on card loads.
Holidays Use the 7% discount on card loads to purchase holidays, car hire, flights and travel insurance via our dedicated team of travel experts from over 200 travel companies, including Thomson, Thomas Cook, Kuoni and Haven.
Virtual Card Purchase a Virtual Card using the account balance to go online shopping at 50+ websites, such as Go Outdoors, American Golf, Tunetribe and many others.
Offers Our regular secret sales website offers up to 80% off RRP on specialised merchandise and gifts (accessible via our online portal).
Gift Cards Up to 20% off a variety of single store gift cards and vouchers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Starbucks, Theatre Tokens and more.
Days Out Up to 20% off a variety of single store gift cards and vouchers, including Amazon, John Lewis, Starbucks, Theatre Tokens and more.


How does it work


Love2shop issue Member Benefits Cards direct to your audience


Recipients register their card and access their online account by following the on screen instructions at www.love2shop.co.uk


Recipients then load funds onto their Member Benefits Card at a discount. Once the account is topped up they also have access to discounts on supermarket gift card loads.


Members then spend and top up as they wish, enjoying savings on the amount paid for gift card loads


Save Money 
At these leading high street brands


3 Reasons you should choose member benefits over other providers

  • Better discounts (our high street and supermarket discount rates are typically higher than many other providers)*
  • Greater choice (our range of retailers and service providers is larger than many other providers and Love2shop products are typically the most requested voucher/gift card type on any member discount program)
  • More cost effective (our pricing model is extremely competitive)

* Based on a comparable card discount program, excluding online reward portals

Discounts on Leisure Activities also Included

Members can book holidays by calling our dedicated booking line or purchase entrance tickets by calling the number provided within the Member Benefits Card management portal.

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