Discount Diesel Card - Guaranteed 5p off per litre! (Coming Soon)

Self Employed Network have chosen Pump-King as our preferred fuel card supplier.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our members the Pump-King fuel card.

For a majority of our members, fuel is often a considerable overhead of their business, with this in mind, we were seeking a unique offer for all of our membership.

For many months we were in negotiations with all the fuel card suppliers, unfortunately none of them were able to assist with what we set out to achieve for our members.

Pump-King were the only fuel card supplier who were willing to compromise and together we have reach a unique and exclusive offer for our membership. Pump-King will guarantee 5p discount on every litre of fuel purchased, furthermore they have waived all annual chargers for their fuel card,  alone this is an average saving of £16 per year.

When you first register for your fuel card you will be required to pay a £2 administration charge, this will be fully refunded quite shortly after you start using your fuel card.

We would be very interested to hear from members telling us how much they are saving.

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