Payataxi offers a secure mobile card payment solution that connects with your smartphone - making it quick and easy to start accepting card payments from passengers. 

You can accept all major credit cards (including American Express) as well as contactless payments through Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others.

Approved for use in all London taxis and available to black cabs throughout the UK, our packages offer market-leading rates without the worry of lengthy contracts. We also offer rapid account set-up - typically within 48 hours.

Black Cabs

We've designed four black cab pricing options that include the supply of your in-car kit, compliant with all TfL guidelines and cab signage that can be displayed on and in cabs, informing passengers that card payments are accepted.

Compared with other solutions, we believe our packages offer the best overall value in the market - giving you choice & flexibility to suit your budget.


All-inclusive Deal

  • Choice of pricing options
  • No minimum term contract
  • No paperwork - simple online application
  • No chargebacks
  • Daily settlement (T+2)
  • Muira M010 Card Reader & cradle
  • Star LM-200 printer & mount, till roll
  • Installation carried out by fully trained technicians
  • UK based helpdesk and swap out service
  • Driver portal for real time transaction data and full history
  • PCI/DSS compliant

Pay As You Go

This is the ideal pricing option if you prefer to minimise your upfront costs. The card processing fee is a simple blended rate for all card types, including Amex and contributes to the equipment cost and support on an ongoing basis.

  • Free card processing account
  • No set-up fee
  • No weekly fees
  • 3.75% + 15p for all card payments
  • In-Car Kit included
  • £75.00 installation fee
  • No PCI fee

Weekly Fee

With this option you pay a weekly fee to cover your equipment and support costs - perfect for drivers that accept higher volumes of card payments. We give you two options to choose from - compare the deals below:  

Option 1

  • Free card processing account
  • In-Car Kit included
  • 2.69% +15p MasterCard & Visa
  • 2.95% +15p Amex
  • £75.00 installation fee
  • No PCI fee
  • £4.99 per week+VAT


Option 2

  • Free card processing account
  • £99.00 for your In-Car Kit
  • Lower rate - 2.39% +15p MasterCard & Visa
  • 2.95% +15p Amex
  • £75.00 installation fee
  • No PCI fee
  • £2.99 per week+VAT

Buy Outright

Buy your kit for £299.00 +VAT and benefit from our best transaction rate. We also offer £50 buy-back* should you choose to return your in-car kit, in good working order.

  • Free card processing account
  • No weekly fees
  • 1.99% +15p MasterCard & Visa
  • 2.95% +15p Amex
  • No PCI fee
  • £75.00 installation fee
  • £50 buy-back option

* Important Notes

Weekly fees are invoiced on a monthly basis
Pricing is selected during the application process
The buy-back offer is subject to the condition of the kit, which must be in full working order. Removing the kit from the vehicle is your responsibility.
Which option will you choose?
At Payataxi we consulted with a number of taxi drivers before designing our packages. You told us you wanted a range of payment options, fast account set-up and reasonable contract terms, ideally without the usual 3-5 year contract lock-in.

In response we developed 4 pricing options, and while our pricing may not be the lowest you'll find, it's competitive and there's no strings.


Private Hire

Payataxi Private Hire was established in 2011 and offers a simple, all-inclusive proposition for private hire companies and owner-drivers looking for card acceptance services.

Very simply, you apply for a Payataxi account and within 48 hours you should be ready to start accepting payments online or by telephone. 

If you wish to add Chip & PIN, that's fine. Once your account is live you can order terminals using the short form in your account.


Chip & PIN Choices

We offer two types of Chip & PIN terminal, suitable for accepting payments on-the-move. 

  • Miura M010 Chip & PIN Card Reader

    £99.00 + VAT to buy outright, this device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Small, portable and lightweight, it's available as a standalone device and does not need to be mounted in your cab.
  • Spire Spw70 GPRS Chip & PIN

    £13.00 +VAT per month, this industry standard terminal comes with its own built in printer. Robust and reliable, it's the ideal choice for regular use.

Online & Phone

Our online portfolio is great for use with online booking systems, giving passengers the option to pay in advance using their credit or debit card. We include Payment Buttons that can be added to your website by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code, Email Payment Requests and Invoice links.

You can also accept card payments over the phone using any web enabled device to process cardholder not present transactions (CNP) seamlessly and securely. Ideal for pre-booked journeys such as airport or school runs. 

  • Process payments from your booking office or comfort of your home
  • Send an instant receipt by email
  • Track transactions through your online account and perform refunds
  • Full multi-user capability

Pay As You Go

When you apply, we give you the option to choose the card processing account that best suits your needs - based on your card turnover. 

You can choose our Pay As You Go account, where you only pay a small % fee based upon value of the fares you collect or our Pay Monthly account, ideal if you process high volumes of cards.

  • Low, fixed rate 3.50% for all card types
  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum usage charges
  • No PCI fees
  • No minimum contract term
  • Single rate for credit & debit cards
  • Accept payments online or by telephone
  • Weekly settlement
  • Online account
  • Option to add Chip & PIN
  • £99.00 one-off fee

Pay Monthly

To be approved and benefit from this account, which prices by card and transaction type, you need to be accepting higher volumes of card payments - £20-£30k per year. When you start the application process, SELECT Pay Monthly and you will be given a personal quotation based on your card turnover and the services you require. 


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