Self Employed Insurance

Being self-employed if you’re unable to work, the Government Support Allowance is £57.90 under 25 years old & £73.10 over 25 years old. That’s it! How will you survive? Providing yourself with insurance is a must for all self-employed!

If you are self-employed or thinking of going down this route it is important to understand your personal financial situation. This is because when you are self-employed you do not have an employer to rely on for sickness cover, health cover or even death benefits. you have more responsibility when it comes to providing and protecting your family. This means the risks of being self employed are often higher, but so can the rewards.

So no matter what industry you work in our 3fitt Group experts are there to help you navigate the pitfalls and protect you when you need it most.

The most popular areas we work for self-employed people involve:


Because self-employed people tend to take dividends instead of salary, or work in credit loops with suppliers it is often hard to get a mortgage. Our specialist mortgage team will do everything in their legal power to help you buy that dream home or just develop your property empire.

Personal Protection

Self-employed people still need to protect their assets and family should anything happen to them. We can put affordable systems in place to ensure that you are covered if you become sick, seriously ill or injured to the point where you can’t work or earn money. We can also protect your estate and help you manage inheritance tax liabilities so you don’t have to worry about your family after you have gone.

Health Protection

This insurance can supplement what’s available on the NHS. Some self-employed people choose to take out medical insurance because they want to guard against being off work and losing earnings if waiting for NHS treatment. Your employer might have offered this health insurance as an employee benefit, but once you become self-employed you’re no longer eligible for it. If you can afford the premiums, it may be worth considering as it gives you a choice in the level of care you get and how and when it is provided.

So no matter what you need, we can help you and point you in the right direction. We put you first and will not charge you for the advice we give. just fill in the form to get in touch with us and an advisor will be in touch shortly.

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